Uncover coral reefs on world oceans day


o observe International Oceans Day on June 8, Friend of the Sea® takes you deep underwater, revealing interesting and unknown facts about coral reefs; a precious yet endangered ecosystem found on the seabed. Read more…

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Sustainable restaurants certification introduced in Ghana


Friend of the Sea®, a project of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) has introduced its Sustainable Restaurants Certification to Ghana’s hospitality sector, through its collaboration with Ghanaian business development firm, Fort Group. According to Friend of the Sea criteria, the certification is obtainable to seafood and fish restaurants across the country which minimize their impact […]

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Whale-Safe certification to facilitate whale-ship collisions issue


While 7 out of 13 great whale species are on the trajectory to extinction given pervasive overfishing and being caught as ‘by-catch’, colliding with ships has been identified as the main threat to whales in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans. Though ship collisions have been identified by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) as a significant […]

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Satellite monitoring of fishing fleets: A definitive answer to consumer concerns about sustainable seafood.  Friend of the Sea Sustainable Seafood Certification first to monitor fleet compliance by means of satellites. Friend of the Sea, the leading international certification of sustainable seafood and Omega3, has developed its own enhanced platform based on satellite technology to monitor the over […]

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AQUARIUM RUBRUM, the first Italian aquarium to be certified Friend of the Sea for its commitment to the conservation of the marine environment


Aquarium Rubrum is the first Italian alive red coral aquarium to obtain the International Friend of the Sea Sustainable Aquarium Certification. It is located inside the San Giacomo tower in Alghero, Sardinia (Italy) and the project comes from an idea of the artisan Davide Simula, in collaboration with the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia – Isola […]

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Save the Butterflies


There are over 230.000 species of butterflies and moths in the world. An amazing and breathtaking biodiversity. From half an inch to 12 inches across, they live on average 2 weeks. We know the status of only about 1% of all these species, but most of them are constantly in danger of disappearing. Habitat loss is […]

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