Polaris nutritional lipids are certified sustainable

Polaris is committed to strict sustainability policies throughout its entire production line. Friend of the Sea certified nutritional lipids from Polaris originate from the Peruvian anchovies sustainable fleet. A fishery management system based on the precautionary approach prevents stock overexploitation and wasteful fish discards.

Polaris is one of the global leaders in nutritional lipids, specializing in the production and the formulation of polyunsaturated fatty acids including Omega 3s.
Polaris is the partner and sole agent of EPAX high quality fish oils in France, Spain and Portugal.

Mrs Sanceau, Polaris’ Marketing & Communication Executive says “We are proud to be part of Friend of the Sea. Our customers are this way assured that our lipids are from fully sustainable origins.”

Executive Director of Friend of the Sea, Paolo Bray adds, “With today’s expanding fish oil supplements market, it’s of great importance to marine conservation that fisheries remain sustainable.”
For more information, please contact:

Marketing & Communication Executive – Mrs Véronique Sanceau
Tel: +33 (0) 298 548 420
Email: veronique.sanceau@polaris.fr

Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306
Email: paolobray@friendofthesea.org
http: www.friendofthesea.org

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