Top tier Omega-3 manufacturer Sirio Pharma China obtains Friend of the Sea Certification 

The world’s foremost integrated contract manufacturer for the dietary supplement sector, Sirio Pharma China Co., Ltd. has obtained the industry leading Friend of the Sea certification for Omega-3.


The Friend of the Sea Omega-3 certification serves as a strong demonstration of the brand’s unwavering commitment to exceptional standards of environmental stewardship and sustainably sourced products.


Founded in 1993, Sirio Pharma China started as a pharmaceutical company producing medicine, it later evolved into the provision of contract manufacturing services for branded dietary supplement companies. 


Today, Sirio Pharma China stands tall as a globally integrated contract manufacturer, providing comprehensive, one-stop-shop solutions to customers worldwide. The brand name is widely recognised as the standard for quality, service and innovation in dietary supplements.


With over 30 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry, Sirio Pharma China has a profound understanding of market trends and customer demands. It offers clients a wide range of proven solutions, specifically designed to support the development of new products for accelerated market access. 


Sirio Pharma China’s product line includes Plantegrity®, Nutraceutical Gummies, Probiotics, Tablets, Powders, Capsules and Functional Beverages. Products include weight management, sports nutrition, basic nutrition, pregnancy, general health, probiotics and intestinal care. 


With its roots in the pharmaceutical industry, Sirio Pharma China fully appreciates the rigorous controls required for quality management; from the sourcing of raw materials, along the entire supply chain, to the end market. The products are manufactured with the highest quality, in compliance with strict certification standards. 


Friend of the Sea, a project of the world’s leading sustainability organization, World Sustainability Organization has become the prime certification standard for products and services which respect and protect the marine environment. The certification awards sustainable practices in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishmeal and Omega-3 Fish Oil.


It is the only sustainable fisheries certification process recognised and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body, with several benchmark studies confirming the strength and reliability of the Friend of the Sea certification and chain of custody.


Annual audits are carried out onsite by independent international certification bodies in consultation with stakeholders, against the stringent Friend of the Sea environmental sustainability and social accountability criteria. 


Over the years, Sirio Pharma China has prioritised the use of only sustainably sourced fish oil and algae-based raw materials. In addition, it has enhanced its equipment operational efficiency, reduced noise levels, introduced a series of green technologies and incorporated innovative measures such as insulation layers to decrease steam energy consumption, while reducing traditional line and electricity consumption; all aimed at deepening sustainable business practices.


Today, Sirio Pharma China is a leader in the dietary supplement manufacturing industry. By obtaining the globally recognised Friend of the Sea certification, customers can be assured of optimised sustainably sourced and manufactured Omega-3 product solutions, offering added value to the fast-growing market, while contributing positively to society with sustainability at its core. 


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