Nice Dive & Trips launches exclusive travel to Madagascar: Explore Nosy Be and save Endangered Lemurs.

Nice Dive & Trips launches exclusive travel to Madagascar

Premier tour agency based in Vienna, Austria, NiCe Dive & Trips GmbH has launched an exclusive travel to the captivating archipelago of Nosy Be, Madagascar from the 25th of September to the 4th of October 2023. The tour is in support of the World Sustainability Foundation’s conservation project aimed at saving endangered Lemurs.


Nosy Be is Madagascar’s largest and most developed tourist destination, and acts as the main gateway to a stunning archipelago. Since its inception, NiCe Dive & Trips has facilitated exceptional travel experiences with a focus on conserving biodiversity.


World Sustainability Foundation is the non-profit arm of leading global sustainability organization, the World Sustainability Organization. The World Sustainability Foundation is supporting the University of Turin and its strategic partners, which are conducting the only ongoing long-term study on singing lemurs (Indri indri) in the Maromizaha forest.


Endemic to the island of Madagascar, Lemurs are classified as the world’s most endangered mammals by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, resulting from human-induced activities; with many species having gone extinct in the last 200 years. By participating in NiCe Dive & Trips exclusive travel to Madagascar, you can contribute to efforts to ‘Save the Lemurs’ through the restoration of degraded forest areas, while acquiring a symbolic adoption of a lemur and a related adoption certificate!


NiCe Dive & Trips strongly prioritises the protection of the environment and its species, especially for aquatic life. The World Sustainability Foundation is also committed to the conservation of marine and land resources. In addition, World Sustainability Foundation is involved in a number of conservation projects globally. It is our priority to support this commitment for the betterment of our environment, and collectively contribute to the conservation of nature.” Noted Nina Dittrich, Founder of NiCe Dive & Trips.


A percentage of the travel package fees of each participant is being donated to the World Sustainability Foundation in support of efforts to protect the singing lemur. Currently, 5 bamboo and endemic tree nurseries in the villages around the Maromizaha forest are being managed through the initiative.


Due to the diverse and well-developed conservation projects embarked upon by the World Sustainability Foundation over the years, we deemed it necessary to design our exclusive travel collaboratively” Nina Dittrich highlighted.


The trip to Nosy Be is open to all; as long as travelers are able to swim, love nature, and have a spirit for adventure, however, it is not recommended for children below the age of 10. For a fee of 1.590 Euros, NiCe Dive & Trips is offering ten participants a stay in the La Plage Hotel, 7 Nights catered Hotel Package, Daily Lunch, Assistance of Italian / English speaking staff, Excursion Fees (Entrance fees, Snacks, Lunch), Private Guide, Insights of Biology, Snorkeling Equipment and Donation to the Singing Lemur Project.


Naturalist and Expert Nature Guide, Mario Passoni will serve as tour guide throughout the entire trip. Over the years, Mario has worked as a nature guide in the Maldives, Kenya, Mozambique, Seychelles, and Nosy Be, Madagascar. Throughout his career, he has conducted coral restoration projects and photo identification of manta rays, whale sharks, and sea turtles. Currently, he serves as Conservation and Awareness Project Manager of the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF).


Mario Passoni’s empathy and deep knowledge in the field based on many years of professional experience globally, served as a key factor in us collaborating with the World Sustainability Foundation.” She added.


By participating in this one of a kind, exclusive trip to Nosy Be, Madagascar visitors are promised not only of a remarkable holiday, but the chance to contribute to the conservation of endangered species while discovering the wonders of Nosy Be.


Our ultimate goal is for each participant to return with new knowledge of Madagascar; the peculiarities of its flora and fauna, and the importance of sustainability. It is also intended to create consciousness among travelers to pay close attention to our environment while traveling, and value the distinctive opportunity provided through such exclusive trips.” Nina Dittrich concluded.


To participate in NiCe Dive & Trips exclusive holiday travel to the spectacular island of Nosy Be, Madagascar while saving singing lemurs, 

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