FoS Awards outstanding sustainability achievements in Brussels

On the second day of the Brussels Tradefair Expo 2011 Friend of the Sea organized a cocktail and award ceremony. During this event the Friend of the Sea Awards were handed out to well deserving companies, for 5 different categories:

Fresh Water Fisheries – Award 2011 went to Noronha Pescados ( for its products sourced from the Amazon River artisanal fisheries and its promotion of sustainable seafood. The fishery is strictly monitored by means of seasonal quotas. Fishing has become a sustainable alternative for the people of Amazonia.

Artisanal Fisheries – Award 2011 went to Al Marsa Fisheries ( for its engagement to source from the Oman selective artisanal small-scale fishery and its outstanding collaboration to the Friend of the Sea project.

Industrial Fisheries – Award 2011 went to Atunera Sant Yago S.A. and Pevaeche Group as well as Pevaeche fleets (; Seabreeze Ventures Ltd, Pevasa, Inpesca and Atuneros Vascos for its implementation of sustainable fishing practices and its deployment of independent onboard observers. Its fishing policy includes measures to reduce bycatch and appropriate protection of endangered species. Independent onboard observers allow for 100% coverage.

Omega-3 – Award 2011 went to Epax AS ( because of its worldwide engagement to source from approved sustainable fisheries and to inform its customers and clients about the importance of sustainable certification.

Aquaculture – Award 2011 went to Ferme Marine de Mahebourg ( for the Natural and Environmentally Friendly hatchery operations. The aquaculture farm production is designed following the principles of sustainable farming practices. All precautions are undertaken to ensure that the farms and their conditions mimic those found naturally.

Photo’s have been shot of the companies graciously accepting the awards and these will be published shortly on our facebook page. Paolo Bray, FOS Director states “this is the 4th year running that FOS runs their award event. We like to merit our companies who have performed exceptionally. All of our certified companies have sustainability at their forefront. FOS likes to show their appreciation of remarkable efforts.”

For more information:
Paolo Bray – Director
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39.348.5650306

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