Chilean fishing firm gains Friend of the Sea certification

Chilean fishing company Pesquera Friosur achieved in January 2019 the Friend of the Sea certification for three vessels and a processing plant.

The firm targets Southern Hake, Hoki and Southern rays bream ( Brama Australis) in the Chilean waters of Patagonia and produces fresh and frozen fillets and portions at its processing plant situated in Puerto Chacabuco, in the Aysen region.

Friosur’s three certified vessels – Friosur VIII, Friosur IX and Friosur X – have a capacity of respectively 537 metric tons, 537t and 473t. The vessels and the plant have undergone a third-party audit and were found to be compliant with Friend of the Sea wild fishery requirements and its logo is now displayed on all Friosur’s certified products.

Provenance and sustainability are paramount to our business and it is very important for us to show to our customers our commitment to high environmental and social responsibility standards,” Carlos Diaz, Friosur’s sustainability manager.

Friend of the Sea is an international certification standard that attests sustainable practices in fisheries, aquaculture and in fishmeal and fish oil production.

Friend of the Sea logo is widely recognized across international markets, certifying stringent controls over environmental, economic and social responsibility.