ASDOMAR Tuna launches major TV advertising campaign focused on FOS Sustainability certification and Social Accountability

Generale Conserve, a leading tuna (tuna steak in cans and tuna fillets in jars) producer in Italy, has just launched a major TV advertising campaign in Italy to promote its Friend of the Sea and SA8000 Social Accountability Certifications. This is the first advertisement of its kind aimed at making consumers aware of the importance of sustainability for the future of the marine ecosystem. Their advertisement highlights ASDOMAR dedication to the sustainable sourcing of exclusively adult/mature yellowfin tuna. The Friend of the Sea eco-label is also shown proudly on their products.

ASDOMAR brand of tuna and mackerel was the first in Italy to be certified Friend of the Sea. ASDOMAR is distributed in all main supermarkets and groceries in Italy.

Mr Vito Gulli, Generale Conserve’s President has always placed social responsibility at the core of their company strategy. When deciding to create this advertising campaign he states “I wanted to convey to our customers the efforts we put into creating the very best tuna. Our factories are of the most environmentally friendly in Italy, using only renewable energy, and we only use sustainable adult tuna which have been given the chance to reproduce.”

Friend of the Sea’s Executive Director Paolo Bray adds, “Millions of Italians will learn about the Friend of the Sea distinguish label and we trust that, together with other communication initiatives of certified producers, this will greatly increase the visibility of the logo in Italy.”

To watch the new advertisement click:

For more information, please contact:

Marketing Manager – Mrs Simona Mesciulam
Generale Conserve S.p.A.
Tel: +39 (0) 105308711

Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306

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