Spanish sturgeon and caviar farm Piscifactoría Sierra Nevada certified by FoS for its sustainability

With over 50 years of experience in fish farming including two (Riofrio Andalucia and Yesa Navarra) of the largest sturgeon farms in Europe, today PSN is one of the largest sturgeon farms in the world, the largest Acipenser naccarii breeders and the only farm to obtain organic certification for both its sturgeon and its caviar.

In Andalucía and in all areas of the world where sturgeon fishing was common, huge sturgeon populations almost became extinct because of over fishing, the construction of dams and the deterioration of their natural habitat. PSN has a wealth of experience in the breeding of this native Mediterranean sturgeon and today has the largest sturgeon population of the Acipenser naccarii sturgeon in the world, with the possibility to respect wild stocks and produce sustainable caviar of the highest quality.

“We can now proudly confirm that Friend of the Sea has certified the sustainability of the full cycle of sturgeon and caviar production at PSN. We appreciate the fact that Friend of the Sea is the only scheme in the world which can certify, with the same seal of approval, both farmed and wild sustainable products” Philippe Barbier – PSN Quality Manager

About PSN:

PSN was formed in 1956 in Navarra before moving to Andalucía in the 1980´s and is now raising the native Mediterranean sturgeon in both their farms with organic and sustainable certifications for both its sturgeon and caviar. For more information please visit

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