Pevaeche tuna seiners fleet commits to 100% observer coverage

Friend of the Sea announces the certification of Yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) and Skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) from Grupo Pevaeche Eastern Atlantic tuna seiners fleet, thus becoming the first European tuna fishing company to gain FOS certification. The group is made up of four companies; Pevasa (Pesquería Vasco-Montañesa S.A., Inpesca (Compañía Internacional de Pesca S.A.), Atuneros Vascos S.A and Sea Breeze Ventures Ltd.

The fleet consists of six modern tuna fishing-freezer boats which are registered with ICCAT (The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas). The Pevaeche group is approved Dolphin Safe by the Earth Island Institute.

Pevaeche has a responsible fishing policy aimed at minimizing the impact on immature fish and other associated species. Bycatch is less than 2% of the total, over 50% of which are other species of tuna. Target tuna, Yellowfin and Skipjack are considered to be not overexploited according to the latest stock assessments.
Friend of the Sea furthermore requires all approved purse seiners and longliners to have a 100% on board FOS approved observer coverage. For this reason Pevaeche tuna seiners have committed to have full time observers on board their vessels fishing in the Atlantic, before the end of 2012. Observers will be selected by Friend of the Sea and they will report on all aspects related to the potential environmental impact of fishing operations.

Mr Guillermo Arrien, Pevaeche’s Commercial Manager, comments “Pevaeche vessels fish according to strict management criteria in order to preserve future stock and the marine environment. All our catches are from sustainable, top quality stock.”

Executive Director of Friend of the Sea, Paolo Bray adds, “We greatly appreciate Pevaeche’s effort to implement a 100% eco-observer program. The initiative represents a milestone in fisheries environmental management.”
For more information, please contact:

Commercial Manager – Mr Guillermo Arrien
Tel: +34 946186425
Fax: +34 946885423

Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306

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