Interseafish B.V. Certified by FoS for Sustainable Seafood Products

Interseafish B.V. Certified by FoS for Sustainable Seafood Products

Dutch importer and exporter of seafood shares insights into the value of environmental responsibility.

Interseafish B.V., the Netherlands-based importand export company for premium seafood products, has earned certification for their sustainable sashimi-quality seabass and seabream fillets by Friend of the Sea. Friend of the Sea is the preeminent certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment. With this certification, Interseafish can display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on these products.

“Interseafishis offering a message of corporate thought leadership that many companies in our industry might want to emulate,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “Sustainability is important, in and of itself, but it also delivers a range of economic benefits to fisherman and others in the seafood value chain.”

According to Marloes van Wijk, Director of Interseafish, “We at Interseafish B.V. are taking our social responsibility for the environment very seriously and try to work as sustainable as possible.” As she explained, “Not only because it is best for the environment, but also because there are many more consequences than habitat destruction, pollution and ocean acidification caused by unsustainable fishing. Think about the fishermen that depend on a continuation of catch for their income or vital marine resources that are endangered for future generations if we do not all take action in more sustainable fishing.”

Interseafish buys seabass and seabream fillets farmed in a sustainable environment that will, as van Wijk put it, “protect the wild stocks of these species from declining.” She added, “We are happy to be adding such high quality and sustainable products to our extensive product range and to play a role in the current need for sustainability. We all need to step in and do our utmost to help the ocean by choosing Friend of the Sea certified products that respect and protect the oceans. This way we will all be able to keep enjoying the many treasures that the sea has to offer us.”


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