GC Rieber Oils certified sustainable from Morocco small pelagics fishery

Friend of the Sea announces certification of a range of refined fish oils from GC Rieber Oils. GC Rieber Oils is a leading global supplier of health-bringing Omega-3 oils, cod liver oil and other marine oils. Raw material originates from approved Friend of the Sea Morocco fishery for small pelagic and Morocco supplier Sovapec & Maromega. Small pelagics – sardines and mackerel – are not overexploited in the Morocco waters and fished by selective purse seine gear.

All GC Rieber Oils are GMO free. The company has been audited for Social Accountability and is ISO 9001 certified. GC Rieber Oils products, sold to the health food manufacturers, health food industry, feed manufacturers and the chemical industry, will soon be carrying the Friend of the Sea logo. The production facilities are located in Kristiansund on the north west coast of Norway.

“Independent sustainability certification is requested by our customers all over the world” comments Mr Arne Alnæs (CEO of GC Rieber Oils AS). “Friend of the Sea has distinguished as leading fishmeal and fishoil certification scheme with clear mission and stringent requirements”.

GC Rieber Oils is part of the GC Rieber Group. GC Rieber was founded in 1879 and has over four generations evolved, both through their own growth and through acquisition and sales.

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