FoS certifies Huimar’s mussels. The worldwide range of FoS’s sustainable mussels are growing.

Friend of the Sea announces the certification of Chilean mussels (Mytilus chiensis) from Soceidad Huimar Ltda – Galaico Chilena de Pescados y Mariscos S.A. part of Paquito S.L. Sabor de Mar.

Huimar has over 50 years experience producing some of the world’s best mussels. Mussel farming takes place in an ideal unpolluted environment off the Chiloe Island situated in Southern Chile. Huimar’s mussels are farmed using the suspended rope culture where ropes are hung from long lines of floating plastic buoys. The growing process is completely natural and absent of GMO’s or growth hormones therefore respecting not only the product but the surrounding ecosystem.

Scrupulous selection and monitoring is carried out from selecting seeds to the final product in order to ensure high quality produce. As a result of its stringency, Huimars’ mussels are ISO certificated and have been awarded with International Quality Awards. Huimar has the capacity to produce 20,0000 tons of raw material and 5,500 tons of finished product. In addition, Huimar’s processing plant for freezing mussels is HACCP certified and has EU, Russian and USFDA export approval.

Mr Terumar, Quality Manager of Huimar states, “With the Friend of the Sea certification we can demonstrate how our sustainable Chilean mussels stand out from the rest.”

Mr Paolo Bray, Executive Director of Friend of the Sea adds “Mussels have a top nutritional value and today’s health conscious consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable beneficial products, Huimar’s mussels answer these criteria.”

For more information, please contact:
Quality Manager – Mr Cesar Terumar
Huimar Ltda

Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306

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