Friend of the Sea Awards 2010 at the Brussels Seafood Expo

At a very visible Friend of the Sea booth in Brussels, visited by over 1000 interested companies, Paolo Bray – director of the Friend of the Sea project – handed out the 2010 Awards to 3 most deserving fisheries and aquaculture companies and associations.
Lee Fish Group / Leigh Fisheries NZ was awarded the prize for its social and environmental engagement, evidenced by its initiatives in collaboration and partnership with the Maori Maoridum through Ngati Whatua, Whaingaroa and other Iwi groups  and its New Zealand mixed fishery.
The Noordzee Vissers Consortium was recognized for its sustainable Dover Sole horizontal gillnets fishery, causing no impact on the seabed, operating in a fuel efficient way and with optimal juveniles and by-catch reduction measures.
The Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group for the natural and environmentally friendly mussels farming of its associated producers. Mussels are naturally collected on ropes and fed on plankton carried by the rich tidal flows. A sustainable and even beneficial way to produce an excellent source of proteins.

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