First Tunisian seabream and sea bass aquaculture certified sustainable. FoS strengthens its presence in Africa.

Friend of the Sea announces the certification of Sea-bass and Sea-bream from Aquaculture Tunisienne. Aquaculture Tunisienne is the first aquatic farm in Tunisia specialized in the reproduction, rearing and marketing of Sea bass (Dicenthrarchus-Labrax) and Sea bream (Sparus-auratus). It is located in the open bay of Hergla, leading  from the Mediterranean Sea, an ideal environment for its activity.

Aquaculture Tunisienne certified both ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 22000/2005, have scientists working closely with the Tunisian government to monitor all activities ensuring the preservation and respect of the stock and its pristine environment. During the 24-month growth cycle from hatching through final production, the fish are fed with Friend of the Sea certified fish feed; Le Gouessant Grower and Neo Supra. FCR levels are closely monitored to ensure that the fish are not over or under fed.
 “Great care is taken to ensure our Sea-bass and Sea-Bream are delicious and nutritious.” says Aquaculture Tunisienne president & CEO Karim Garnaoui, “I am proud that our continued efforts to provide a sustainable seafood resource for both grocers and consumers is now certified Friend of the Sea.”
Executive Director of Friend of the Sea, Paolo Bray is happy with the result, “Aquaculture in the Tunisian Market according to public authorities, has substantial potential. Sea-bass and Sea-Bream from Aquaculture Tunisienne are a great example of how aquaculture can provide a sustainable alternative to traditional fishing methods”.
For more information, please contact:
President & CEO – Mr Karim Garnaoui
Aquaculture Tunisienne
Tel: 011 (216) 73-248-188
Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
+39 348 565 0306
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