Double the merit for Leal Santos’ Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna certified both FoS and Dolphin-Safe

Double the merit for Leal Santos’ Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna certified both Friend of the Sea and Dolphin-Safe
04/05/2010 – Friend of the Sea announces the certification of Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna from Indústrias Alimentícias Leal Santos Ltda which is part of ACTEMSA, a Spanish canning group.
By using rod and live bait to catch tuna, one of the lowest environmental impact methods, Leal Santos does not risk overexploiting stocks or generating by-catch.
Leal Santos’ Fishermen are very selective generating near to zero discards. The company also takes care of their employees, clients and the community as well as donating to the Annual Feeding Congress.
All ships have a program for capturing tuna thereby minimizing environmental impacts (methodology, radar systems, receiving evaluations etc). The ships are closely monitored according to their position by the National Fishing Ships Satellite Program (PREPS) and also registered hourly by the Fishing and Aquaculture Special Secretary (SEAP). The protected areas are also surveilled by the Brazilian Navy.
Mr Alexandre Pereira Llopart, the Company Ship Owner is elated, “By gaining the seal of approval from both Friend of the Sea and Dolphin Safe we can prove to our consumers that we are a company that cares about marine conservation and it’s preservation.”
The Friend of the Sea certification will highlight the environmental value of the tuna origin. Mr Paolo Bray, Executive Director of Friend of the Sea affirms “its recommendable that other companies follow in Leal Santos’ footprints making their production sustainable and accountable socially.”
For more information, please contact:
Ship Owner – Mr Alexandre Pereira Llopart
Indústrias Alimentícias Leal Santos Ltda
Tel: + 55 53 32341076
Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray

Friend of the Sea
+39 348 565 0306

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